Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Random Thoughts

As the Holiday Season approaches and I am proud to say, " Merry Christmas", I look forward to thinking about things that I am thankful for. There is the usual list of things like family, friends, health(which I normally have ), but there are other items that I kind of put the old double negative on. These are things that I could easily do without; things that if they disappeared, I would happy. One gift came early this year: Al Gore hung up his political ambition for at least four years, so now we can relegate him to The Larry King Show with all other the other has beens. And maybe now Tipper can get back to attending her weight watcher meetings regularly. But other things I would also like to see disappear.

The Trent Lott Story

And for that matter Trent Lott. Perhaps the worst Senate Majority leader in the history of the senate, Trent is the author and subject of one of the thinnest books of all time, "Trent Lott's Great Moments in Senate Leadership" . If the wrongheaded remarks are the reason he has to go, then go. It is my guess that Tom Daschle is encouraging him to keep the majority leadership job. After all, Daschle has beat him like a drum for the last 5 or 6 years, and would love to see him stay. Republicans, get a clue, it is still not too late, but the clock will strike twelve soon and you will be left with a pair of used, smelly slippers that will fit no one well.

Larry King

Larry once bragged he spends almost no time preparing questions and doing research about his guests, and then he goes out and proves it each night. Never one to really have a follow up question of any significance, Larry asks such soft questions that even he looks bored at the answers, with his suspenders providing the only support for this show. The quality of his guest list has declined to the point where basically of you were ever mentioned in People Magazine, you got a shot at locking in a hour.

Sports Announcers

It is TV, right? There is a picture; do I really need an annoucer, two color analysts, and a sideline reporter? I was watching a basketball game and the analyst remarked as a player jumped in the air with the ball and then threw the ball our of bounds, " He left his feet and didn't know that direction he was going in." I would beg to differ. He knew he was going up, hence the direction wasn't an issue. Maybe he didn't where to throw the ball, but the direction was not an issue. And the male and female bimbos on the sidelines, they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Please, less chatter, let the game speak for itself.

Delta Airlines

Since I live in Atlanta, I am stuck with these guys, and over my life I have flown over 3,000,000 miles with this company. To show their appreciation, they will now let you earn miles based on the fare paid, rather than miles flown. So let me get this straight; I fly on a published fare that they establish ( without my input by the way ), and then they get to determine how many miles are earned based on that fare. I am thereby punished for flying a fare that Delta publishes? I wonder if the bankruptcy court takes nominations.