Monday, November 25, 2002

I read a few of the recommended sites and postings today, and came to the conclusion that the person(s) who picks the featured sites has the same deep psychological problems as the people who write them. I feel as if I am watching professional victims at work. The small company that I work for, unfortunately, has dealings with the public at large. I have watched with some amusement how our ability to interact with our customers has changed. We now have to be so careful about what we say; to the point where blandness is now the rule of the day. I once gave a speech about management and leadership, using a few military examples only to be chewed out by someone who was offended by my use of the ""murderous baby killers" that serve in our armed forces. Quick on my feet, my next analogy was that parents are the ideal example of those that have authority and responsibility, and businesses frequently only bestow one characteristic to new managers making their job more difficult. I later found out at the break that I had offended someone that was raised in a foster home and had no parents. I read constantly we are not careful of the sensitivities of others. I was once a manager of about several hundred people and could count on the same few people to be offended on a regular basis. About once a month, one of them would drop by to explain the latest offense by a co worker, or management, or a customer, or a vendor. I fielded complaints that they were offended by:

The packages of spicy sausages sent to us by some our suppliers during the holidays, they shouldn't have to look at "dead animals"on the break room tables
The Christmas decorations had too many white lights and we should have more lights of color.
Friday should not be casual day, not all can afford blue jeans and other casual clothes.
Management should not award bonuses to those who performed above and beyond the job requirements, this was unfair to those who could not perform at that level.
Annual salary and performance reviews, it was not fair to be judgemental
We should not sponsor the Washington Redskins, it denigrated native americans.
Management, it is racist, sexist, prejudiced and bigoted
Co workers, they are racists, sexists, bigots and prejudiced

And I could go on. All of this has led me to believe we have developed a new person in our society whose new title is "professional victim." These are the folks that actively seek out chances to be offended. They look for the situations where they can express indignation, they want to suppress any individuality, and take the joy from any celebration. Their job is to promote "nothingness", no group can be happy unless 100% of the group is happy, if one person in a thousand is not happy, there is no reason for other 999 to be happy; we must remove anything that is offensive to even one person. Happiness cannot be transferred from person to person, only unhappiness and displeasure, sadness and loneliness. By taking this course of action we are slowly removing the traditions and icons that have made us a special people for hundreds of years. In its place will be a nothingness that offends no one, but means nothing.